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Nu Sensuelle was Australia’s own world class brand, designed here.

Nu Sensuelle is the top brand started here in Melbourne and is therefore now taking the world by storm. All elements from shape, materials and internal motors were originally conceived and designed here in Australia. The combo of these factors have allowed the Nu Sensuelle range to compete on a global scale. Challenging the most prominent quality brands in the world and therefore proving how well we can do things even in the adult industry.

Two products collected international awards in 2014, most notably the Impulse won X-Biz Award for Best Powered Toy of the Year, and the Point won StorErotica Award for the Best New Product. 2015 saw more nominations and therefore we are sure that is not where it will end.

Each piece in the range is carefully designed to work with each other. From the very powerful Point Bullet and Extreme through to the truly perfect shape of the Homme Pro. Made entirely from body safe silicone and ABS plastic to the highest standard. The Nu Sensuelle range stands alone for quality and value for money while really pushing the major world brands.

We are strong supporters of this brand, and are honoured to be able to offer it to you.