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Oz Gym Boys Win Prestigious XBiz Award


Matt and Steve, better known to some in the cam-world as Oz Gym Boys, recently won the accolade of 2018 Best Cam Duo at the XBIZ Awards held in Miami, Florida.   “When they called our names, we started clapping because we thought it was someone else,” Matt and Steve said. “After only five months in the business, we really couldn’t believe we [had] won. We were so speechless and emotional up on stage.”

“This is a fantastic achievement for the men,” said Adrian Griffiths of Aphrodite’s Pleasure, Oz Gym Boys lead sponsor.  “We are so proud of them for winning after such a short time working as cammers,”  Camming has allowed Matt and Steve to make changes to their lives.  Matt has recently stopped work as a miner and Steve is also re-directing from his tradie role to camming role.

Matt and Steve started camming after attending an event in Sydney which had a cam set up and they experienced being watched for the first time.  “Tuesday nights used to be our sexy night where we would try new toys and take videos,” Matt and Steve said, “So we cammed the next Tuesday and discovered people enjoyed watching us.”  Within four weeks on the Cam4 platform they had become Australia’s leading male cam couple.

Oz Gym Boys Matt & SteveMatt and Steve first met five years ago when they had a passionate and intense, yet short relationship.  They remained friends and reconnected sexually four years later.  That was over 12 months ago and are now sailing through their relationship.  So we asked them questions about camming and their relationship.

How do you negotiate the difference between your relationship and your cam persona?
What makes us different from most cam models is that what we show on cam is the real us. People appreciate that they get to engage with the real us and not an act we put on for our shows. The fans know lots about us because we let them see everything.

Balancing your sex life must be difficult for the two of you.  Does the sex on-screen impact on your sex lives off-screen?
Not at all.  We are the horniest people you’ll ever meet [laughter].  We enjoy sex – that is what led us to cam in the first place.  We have so much passion for each other that we have sex multiple times a day.

How has performing together brought you closer?
Our relationship is based on friendship.  We spent four years as friends before we (re-)entered our relationship.  So we are the best of friends as well as lovers.  Like many couples, working together has allowed us to become closer and in some ways inseparable.  Although we do have our alone time as well.

What do you think makes you guys stand out from the crowd?
We are just ourselves, fans tell us all the time that they appreciate that we take the time to talk to them and answer their questions where a lot of cam models are in it for quick money. If you have seen our shows you will also know that we can offer something only a few others can. We do everything from hard fucking to fisting and we even have a famous move that involve a chain, I will let your imagination work that one out. As hard, rough and dominating as our sex is the love that we have for each other is always apparent and our fans appreciate that.

Matt & Steve - Oz Gym BoysYou have achieved so much in a short period of time, what are you most proud?
We have just reach the eight month mark and already we have three sponsors, a cam company that has us traveling the world to represent them and the covenant XBiz award for best cam duo. Most people might not know this but the XBiz awards are the highest achievement in the camming industry worldwide and cam models have been working in the industry for up to 10 years with the hope of winning. Our fans are so supportive that after five months we unexpectedly won pushing us to the top of the cam world.

One final question, what is your fetish?
Hmmmmm.  What’s the word count for this question? [laughter] Let’s just say our gym bag isn’t full of sweaty gym towels, water bottles and jock straps; well maybe a few. But we do go to the gym to lift it [the gym bag] out from under the bed.

The Oz Gym Boys will be appearing at Oz Kink Fest as guests of Aphrodite’s Pleasure.

Check the Oz Gym Boys out here on Aphrodite’s Pleasure.