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Dame products are being designed by women for women.

The Dame products story started several years ago with the mission to produce a unique, well designed sex toy aimed at women. The first product was released following several years of research.  The Eva is unique in design.  It is one of the few adult toys on the market that is worn by a women.  Eva is therefore without the need for insertion.

Dame’s ongoing philosophy is to design high quality adult toys.  Made for actual pleasure giving. They do not intend to just reproduce what many other companies in the industry do. Dame focus’s on design and innovation for the pleasure of women.

Dame Products produce each piece made only from the highest quality materials.  They commit to this so you know each item is safe to use and its parts will give the best life to the item.

The designs are unique and different, and feature soft tone feminine colours.  All operate from simple button controls.  These are easy to use and will not ruin the mood through complex operations, hence are the ideal addition to your toy collection.