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Penis Extenders – sometimes bigger can be fun.
At Aphrodite’s Pleasure the penis extenders we have on offer work to increase length and girth instantly.  These products slip onto the penis giving a larger size while being comfortable and visually appealing.  When making these penis extenders they are using highly flexible materials which are body safe.

In no way are we suggesting that bigger is better.  But sometimes you may just like to for a bit of fun.  The Perfect Fit penis extenders are doubling as a super strong and flexible male masturbator.  So you are getting two things for the price on of one.  Most of these extenders offer increases more in girth than length.  The increase in girth will help give a fully sensation if used during penetration.  Or thicker extenders may help reduce sensitivity if being used as a masturbator.  With major world brands like Perfect Fit you know you are safe while having effective product.