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Electro Sex Play or E-Stim as often know, is becoming increasingly popular. This is the stimulation through electricity of various parts of the body to increase arousal and sexual satisfaction. Though not of everyone there is a growing demand. Now there are specialist products being made within the Adult industry that promote a new level of stimulation and with a focus on safety to the user.

At Aphrodite’s Pleasure we believe it is important to use the best the industry has when venturing into the world of Electro Sex Play. It is for this reason we limit our product offerings to world leading brands in this area such as ElectraStim and MyStim.

It is also advisable to start slowly when venturing into the world of Electro Sex Play. Ensure to educate yourself on the best practices. Stay within your comfort areas. And always play safe. It is always recommended to keep any electro play to the lower half of the body. From the waist down.

Though perhaps not for everyone, Electro Sex Play can be highly stimulating. You never know until you try. For beginners to this we would always recommend the Hello Touch X as a great starting point. Self contained and easy to use, with lower power settings to some of the other items.