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Many of our customers who are starting their exploration of anal play will select smaller and ligher toys. Ranging from the Fun Factory’s Bootie, B-Vibe Plugs, or the Beginners Anal Collection. Increasing the proficiency will lead people to Fun Factory’s Duke or Lovense Edge, and then up to the experienced users who thoroughly enjoy the Lelo Hugo and Perfect Fit’s Amour Tug Lock.

We understand the joys that anal play can bring. But recognise if not done correctly it can quickly turn people off this genera of sexual play. When starting it is always important to take it slowly and if using adult toys then to use those which are appropriate to your level of experience.

At Aphrodite’s Pleasure we carefully choose all our anal toys in line with our policy of highest quality, most effective and safest. For more information have a look at Dr Christopher Fox’s blogs on “Anal Play for Men” and “Anal Play for Women” in our Sexpert column.