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Master Series – quality bondage for all adult players.

Master series presents a quality range of adult bondage gear which are designed for purpose yet will not break the bank.  This focus on quality products gives this range an edge over the competition.  Produced from high quality body safe materials.  The power of the Master Series range becomes evident during use.

The Master Series range is well priced though does not skimp on their kick or power.  Each piece is molded into the ideal design fit for purpose with features you would even have thought of.  The Hinder Bit Gag with Nipple Clamps feature a ball gag with breathing holes making it safe.  While the soft silicone gag is odourless and tasteless.  The Ox Bull Nose Nipple Clamps have vinyl covers over the clamp for safety as well as a screw closer for accurate power.  Whilst the Amulet Nipple Clamps have a barrel tightening mechanism for pin point accurate force and are made to withstand strong play.

Whatever your desire there is bound to be something within the Master Series range to satisfy the deepest of desires.  Find something to work on an acknowledged kink, or pick a new piece and develope a desire.