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What defines a clitoral stimulator?  A simple definition for this is any item which can be used to stimulate the clitoris.  But from the view point of adult toys they tend to be smaller in size while being shaped to fit within the fingers or palm of the hand.  Additionally they tend to have either a pointed section for intense stim of a small area.  Or be a flatter design to give a fuller coverage.

But in reality many different vibrators could be used for clitoral stim.  You can often find a G Spot vibrator with a flatter end like the Lelo Gigi or Svakom Amy can be a handy effective clitoral stimulator.  It can all depend on personal choice.

One great feature some of them have is being flatter in design.  This allows them to be held in place during penetrative intercourse without getting in the way.  Clearly shown in the We-Vibe Touch.

As with all our products, we choose clitoral stimulators that offer quality and a variety of uses.  There is also a variety of shapes limited only be your desire.  Even a good Bullet Vibe can be an effective clitoral stimulator.  Especially if you are looking for a more targeted effect.