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Are “massagers” on an Adult site different to those on a general site?

The quick answer to this is basically no.  All massagers are fundamentally driven for the same purpose to stimulate an area of the body.  Whether that is of a sexual nature, for relaxation or to relieve muscular pain.  They operate in the same manor.  Many are usable for all these different outcomes.

Within the Adult context a massager’s intent is to stimulate an external erogenous zone on the body.  Generally this would refer to the clitoral, nipple or penile areas.  Limits are only restricted by your imagination (and safety).  A massager will normally have a head with a larger surface area ideal for this external stim.  A number offer attachments turning them into either a piece for internal use or external specific.  An example are the attachments offered for the Doxy 3.

This does’t mean many of these massagers are not fantastic for general relaxation or for relief from muscular pain.  Many of them are particularly good at a deeper tissue massage with a lower intensity vibration such as the We-Vibe Wand or Doxy Die-Cast.

Whatever you like you can be sure that at Aphrodite’s Pleasure we choose carefully what goes into our range.  All pieces are quality with body safe components while being ideal for multi purpose use.