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What is an Anal Plug?

An Anal Plug is a piece which are usually inserted anally.  There unique shape featuring a tapered section between the base and bulb allows them to be held in place.  True joy from a plug comes with body movement.  When the plug moves internally it stimulates the prostate and/or anal opening.

Plugs usually do not have a handle to them.  So grip is limited thus the shape with intent to stay in.  It is quite popular for a plug to be worn during penetration by the top.  The trusting motion is ideal for that extra kick they provide.

Use is not gender specific as it can be with other adult toy products.  Though a good rule of thumb is the round top plugs are often a better choice for the female form.  Whereas a plug with a protruding top section tend to be more male design for a stronger prostate stimulation.  But this is only a general guide as neither is actually gender orientated.

At Aphrodite’s Pleasure we do understand the joy a good anal plug can bring.  It is for this reason it is one of our larger categories.  Each piece is chosen for it’s quality and design.