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Sex of different stripes should constantly be a sensual funfest, but there’s no refuting that occasionally sex doesn’t always go as effortlessly as intended. Friction could be a significant state of mind killer for sexually active individuals, and as remarkable as it is to combine bodily liquids with a person that finds you attractive, you might not constantly be digging the preference of your partner’s nether regions. Probably after some time, sex becomes a boring, predictable process lacking exhilarating brand-new experiences.

This is where flavoured lubricants come in to save the day. Bottles of this wonderful and slippery goodness have numerous uses, such as making oral a lot more fun to offer and add slippery and cool sensations. Try to picture that flavored lubes are like body butter for your genital, a silky wrap of oozy, moisturizing fluid that brings with it the taste and scent of sexual promise. So, go ahead and add a little flavor to your sex life.