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Regardless if you are a man or a woman, masturbation is a part of a healthy sex lie. Though masturbation creams are designed for males to use. The use of a high-quality masturbation cream can greatly improve masturbation- solo or with a partner. It can definitely make every masturbation session more pleasurable. Masturbation creams can bring your sex life to a new dimension.

So, whether it’s a solo play or with a partner, masturbation creams are a must-have! They are supple to the touch and gentle to skin. They are a great way to experience enhanced pleasurable sensations for better satisfaction. We have a range of masturbation creams for you so you can spice up things and have more sensation before climax. So, go ahead, pick one or two that best fits your requirements from our collection.

Do note that masturbation creams are usually not water based, so are not the ideal choice to use with adult toys.