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What is a classic G Spot Vibrator?  Firstly, the full term is the Grafenbeg Spot.  This is the area of the vagina which is suggested contributes to the intensity of an orgasm.  The jury is out as to if it actually exists, or if the positioning may indicate it being caused through internal clitoral stimulation.  We offer no opinion and suggest it is up to the individual to define.

So a G Spot vibrator’s shape offers the idea of hitting the G Spot to promote an orgasm through penetration.  Most of these vibes offer a curved shape for an easier contact with the vaginal wall. The actual size of the vibrator is purely a personal decision.  The length and width preferred vary from person to person.

A true Classic G Spot design vibe is curved with no other attachments for any external stim.  But straight vibes may be equally as effective.  Vibes with other parts attached are ‘Rabbit Vibes’ and site within a different section of the overall ‘Vibrator’ category.  Their intention is to purely promote internally generated orgasms while often being used with another piece for external stimulation.  Again this is a personal decision with no right or wrong.

This section of product at Aphrodite’s Pleasure is once again a selection of quality and design.  One important aspect we always look for is easy of cleaning after use.  As well of course as being body safe.