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Wicked Lubricants – made for use by experts.

Wicked Lubricants and Cleaners are produced only from the highest quality ingredients. These lubricants and cleaners are featuring body safe ingredients while not compromising performance. Ranging from the Ultra smooth silicone lube, to the natural Aqua water base, each item has carefully controlled ingredients. This control ensures you are getting only the best and safest products.

The Wicked Lube Flavours are some of the most natural on the market. Each piece when making is using natural flavourings thus making sure they are really tasting like natural. Not sickeningly sweet or sticky. They are also build from a high quality water based lubricant, ensuring they will perform as well as taste great.

Wicked also make cleaning your toys after use easy and safe. Both the Cleene Spray and Foam & Fresh cleaners are safe to use with any quality products. Ensure your pieces are hygienic without the concern of damage.
Probably the stand out Wicked Lubricants piece for toy lovers is the Toy Love water based lube. The thicker consistency allows application to adult toys without the sticky mess from the lube dripping off. When in use the Toy Love will become smoother and thinner ensuring it will behave like any quality water based lube.

Enjoy….I know we do!