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ElectraStim – world leading products for Electro Sex or E-Stim play.

ElectraStim began in 2001 now producing what is arguably the world’s best Electro Sex specific product. All products come from their base as specialists in neuromuscular stimulation. It is this knowledge that has allowed ElectraStim’s products to become so renowned all over the world.

The ElectraStim range of products are powered by one of their Flick Controllers. You can choose from either the Single Flick Controller with one outlet, or the Duo Flick Controller with two outlets. Your choice should be based on how many items you would like to run at the same time. All controllers are USB rechargeable. This makes them unique in the world of electro sex play products. The other unique ElectraStim feature is the flick action function. This is the ability to flick the controller to provide a wave of electrical joy. Each controller is multi function. With safety features to ensure they start only on the lowest setting when turned on. A needed feature in these pieces.

Attachments for Electrastim.

The attachments you can get are many and varied. Each designed for its own purpose, with both couples and solo play capabilities. Many products such as the electro paddle, Pinwheel and Noir Aura Silicone plug are perfect for either gender. Yet some products are more orientated towards the female form. Such as the Noir Lula or the Noir Ovid Dildo stimulator. Then others are specifically designed for the male physique. Like the Prestige Metal Rings and the Noir Sirius Prostate Stimulator.

Whatever it is you chose from the ElectraStim range you can be sure it has the highest quality in research and technology is behind it. All products are body safe. They come with a 12 month warranty. As with any electro products the ElectrStim range is designed for use anywhere on the lower portion of the body from the waist down.

Electro play is stimulating and different.  But we do recommend you educate yourself on this before starting.  Do not use if you have a heart condition.  Follow all instructions carefully.