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High quality Stainless Steel has always been used for it’s beauty and usability.  A highly reflective service offers an air of sleek style and glamour.  As a metal it is very easy to keep clean due to the non-porous nature of the material, thus making it a very hygienic product to use in the adult industry.

High quality pieces, as those we carry here at Aphrodite’s Pleasure, offer a mirror perfect finish and a life time of joy.  Each piece is carefully sculptured for a specific purpose.

Stainless Steel is a body safe material, thus another great benefit for adult toys.  The robust material is ideal for temperature play (hot or cold) and can be used with any body safe lubricant.  Whether using water based, silicone based lubes, grease or any other lube you can think of.  If it is safe on the body it is safe on the stainless toys.

Only thing to remember, don’t drop them.  By nature they heavy and can damage tiles, wood work or you foot!

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