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There is a particular shape to adult toys designed for prostate stimulation.  The shaft of the piece will have a bend in it, topped with a bulbous section (usually).  Both are an important part to a successful toy for P-Spot joy.

The location of the prostate is easiest found with a short bend allowing it to curve forward when inserted.  While the bulbous top gives maximum contact allowing for greatest stimulation.  It is similar in principle to finding the G-Spot in the female body.  Though technically both genders can enjoy P-Spot pleasure.

All toys within our Prostate range vary in size and some shape.  Many of them are anal plugs as this shape is the best design for P-Spot stim.  And certainly most convenient for solo play.  But there are probes that give the same result, however they are easier used during partner play.

Best practice and experience we would always recommend using a quality water base lube.  One of our suggestions is the Wicked Anal Lube.  But others are on offer just check our Anal Lube section under Personal Care.

At Aphrodite’s Pleasure we focus on quality and toys fit for purpose.  In the case of prostate toys we also look for a variety.  All pieces on offer are of the highest quality and fully body safe.  Enjoy and explore.