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Safe sex is fun. In terms of anal sex, using beads of butt plugs, or doing some anal play, a great anal lubricant within reach can make or break the entire experience. The use of proper lubrication helps reduce friction and it offers many benefits, whether you are on top or bottom.

Anal lubricants are a slippery substance that make anal sex feel great, while helping you and your partner remain safe. A long-lasting and non-sticky lubricant can contribute to making the whole experience more enjoyable, without injuries or tears. Moreover, it can help prevent irritation and infections. However, it is important to keep in mind that not all anal lubricants are created equally, thus it is a must to be careful when choosing.

A good anal lube should be slightly thicker in consistency and contain no harmful chemicals. A anal lube can relax muscles, but should never numb the area. We have a collection of high-quality lubricants for you to choose from that will definitely take the sexual activity to a higher level.