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A Must-Have Piece in Your Sex Toy Collection

The Le Wand brand was founded originally to offer premium vibrating massagers.  These massagers quickly become some of the best on offer, leading to expansions on the product lines.  Known for their female friendly branding and design.

More recently Le Wand have expanded beyond their original market into other collections.  One of our favourite at Aphrodite’s Pleasure is the Stainless Steel range of wands.  These are a classically beautiful in design and superb in function.  For the more advent ours the Contour is one of the most significant pieces you will find on the market.  A more classic shape featured in the Hoop may be worth the consideration for both solo and couples play.

Whatever your desire the stainless range if beautiful both to behold and to use.  Super hygienic and body safe you cannot go wrong.