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Mystim – Electro vibrators of the best quality.

Mystim began manufacturing high quality adult products in 2005 developing the erotic electro-stim toys.  Their products were developed from a background in medical tech hence has the ability to produce high class products fit for purpose. These products achieve what they are intended to achieve through perfect function with little mess and fuss.

All Mystim vibes are fully safe to use and are made from body safe parts. Any electro sex component is contained within the high quality body of the vibrator. These are the best stand alone electro vibe on the market.

Their latest scoop within the adult toy market is the electro vibrators (Electric Eric & Sizzling Simon). These are the first adult product to combine a vibe and electro play in one complete toy however equally as important is the ease of use. With all the electro parts within the vibe there is no need for cords running to control packs hence the appeal of these pieces.

We do only carry a few pieces from this range. But we have picked these pieces for their unique nature within the adult toy market.