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How do you use an Anal Probe?

A standard Anal Probe shape is longer with an insertable shaft and handle for ease of use.  On the hole a similar shape to a G-Spot vibrator.  In fact many G-Spot vibes also make great anal probes. A slight bend in the shaft can be of benefit while straight probes still offer great joy.

Use is very similar to the way a vibrator operates.  Though it is obvious to insert anally and stimulates a different area of the body.  Use a probe by inserting then stimulating with a backwards & forwards trusting motion.  A vibrating probe will add an extra dimension to the experience.

Unlike a plug, this category is not designed to be left in when moving.  With a handle and no tapered section near the base, holding in would be difficult if not impossible.  Try joy from this category comes from the movement.

Of course for best practice and experience we would always recommend using a quality water based lube.  One of our suggestions is the Wicked Anal Lube.  But others are on offer just check our Anal Lube section under Personal Care.

Quality toys for anal probing is vital.  We offer a selection ideal for both the male and female body form.  These pieces are the perfect way to introduce yourself to anal play, either solo or within partner play.