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The purpose of couples vibrators is fairly self explanatory. Simply put, they are a piece (or pieces) that used so both partners receive sensations during intercourse. A traditional couples vibe will fit into place and not require being held. This allows for freedom of movement. The sensations produced by the piece are a enjoy by both.

A traditional couples vibe shape is the classic ‘C’ shape.  With the ‘C’ referring to the actual physical shape of the piece.  The most famous example is the We-Vibe Chorus who’s earliest incarnation basically launched this as a category within the adult toy industry.

Though it is quite accepted that a penis ring such as the Svakom Tyler will also achieve a similar result while still giving pleasure to both.  But a good couples vibrator can also be two separate pieces that could work together for quality results.

It is important to keep in mind may of these pieces will double for pleasure during a solo session.  A quick rethink on how it’s used can spice up any occasion.

Good couples vibrators need to be understood while being high quality and fit for purpose.  At Aphrodite’s Pleasure we select only the best the industry has to offer.