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Ben Wa Balls, or Kegel Balls are typically used for strengthening women’s pelvic floor muscles, which can becoming increasingly relevant as women age and/or following child birth. The Ben Wa Balls act in a similar way as any weight system does. After insertion the balls are moved using the pelvic floor muscles, with the movement ultimately having a strengthening affect, proving beneficial in a number of areas, including promoting better orgasms.
Here at Aphrodite’s Pleasure we have a number of Ben Wa Balls, or Kegel Balls, that will not only strengthen the pelvic floor, but also can be stimulating at the same time. The range runs from the well-recognised Lelo Luna Beads offering the unique multi weight system, through to the more stimulating Lelo Hula Beads or Nalone Miu Miu Kegal Balls. Or for a more complete workout try the new Lelo Smart Luna Beads, with the inbuilt memory strength sensors.
If you would like more information on the use of, and the benefits of Ben Wa and Kegel Balls, please see Dr Christopher Fox’s blog in our Sexpert column entitled “Ben Wa Balls and the Pelvic Floor”.