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Dr Christopher Fox from Sex Life Therapy - Aphrodite's Pleasure

My name is Dr Christopher Fox.  I am the resident Sexpert for Aphrodite’s Pleasure and am here to answer your questions. I am a psychosexual and relationship therapist based in Melbourne with over 20 years experience in counselling and psychotherapy.  I have been practitioner, advocate, and researcher in the sexuality discipline for much of this time.  You can read more about me on my website Sex Life Therapy. I will be regularly posting blogs to Aphrodite’s Pleasure.  If you have questions you would like answered, please email me at Dr_Chris@aphroditespleasure.com.au

Until next month, remember a healthy life includes a healthy sex life.


Dr Christopher

Dr Christopher Fox is a Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist at Sex Life Therapy in Melbourne. He has clinics in East Melbourne and Frankston.

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