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Sax Leather – Australian made high quality Fetish/BDSM gear.

Sax Leather had its originals in sandals, handbags and other leather crafted outerwear in the late 1980’s.  Since then the company has gone on to be one of Australia’s best know producers of quality Fetish & BDSM gear.

Products are produced in Australia using the highest quality leather and components.  This commitment to the quality produces an end product that not only looks amazing, but is durable and comfortable to wear.  Empower yourself with the best.

Still producing locally now in Adelaide, Sax Leather has a true understanding of the Australian market.  But they have a chain of resellers (including Aphrodite’s Pleasure) that take the product on a world wide scale.  Their high quality and design for purpose was the ultimate attraction for us to carry this brand.

Here at Aphrodite’s Pleasure we are proud to be able to present our customers with the best of the best.