Doxy #3 Limited Edition (Rose Gold)

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The Doxy #3 Die Cast limited edition is now available in the sleek fashionable Rose Gold.  This model has all the power of the traditional colours, but with the new colour scheme.  A full body in Rose Gold makes this version ultra feminine.  The outer is still the die-cast metal with the full compliment of Doxy power.  The Limited Edition will not be repeated once sold out.  This limited edition model is compatible with the Doxy #3 attachments.


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Doxy #3 Limited Edition (Rose Gold)

Doxy #3 Die Cast now available in limited edition Rose Gold.

The Doxy #3 Die Cast Massager is a smaller and lighter version of the traditional Die Cast model.  This piece features all the same functions, but being smaller is easier to handle.  Forged from polished aluminum/titanium alloy manufactured in the UK.  When the factory make the body they use a high pressure injection mould in the die cast machine.  The end result is a super strong yet highly luxurious metal finish.

This Doxy #3 Die Cast Massager has a full length of 28cm with a diameter of 4.5cm.  The smaller size makes it easier to handle for those who perhaps may find the larger wands cumbersome.  But there is no loss of affect, which the powerful motor providing the strong sensations like the originals.

The Doxy #3 Die Cast Massager is covering is a hypoallergenic medical grade non-porous PVC.  This covering gives a comfortable cushioned contact point, however does not lose any of the power that it produces. This size gives a larger contact area and will fix with many of the standard heads offered by other brands on the market.

Your Doxy #3 Die Cast Massager plugs directly into the power socket.

It is this direct power draw which gives the Doxy #3 Die Cast Massager its exceptional power and performance.  This is one of the few pieces on the market which uses a top power supply unit (PSU).  This power unit powering Doxy is extremely safe to use, as well as allowing you to use it all over the world. Each pieces comes with as plug for plugging directly int an Australian plug sockets.  Each plug is at the end of a 3m (10 ft) cord, so more than long enough for your convenience.

All of these quality features gives a massager that will be usable for a variety of pleasures.  Each piece has a variable escalating pulse setting.  Control by using the simple 3 button interface that will illuminate in blue LED lights.  The Doxy #3 Die Cast Massager offers a level of power for all experience levels.

We suggest when cleaning the head of your Doxy Massager to use warm water and a recommended toy cleaner or mild soap.  Clean the body part of the piece by wiping over with a damp cloth.  Do not submerse the unit in water when cleaning.

NOTE:  Doxy Massagers are powered by wall plug.   Never use in, on or around water .  When cleaning ensure the massager is unplugged from the wall socket before starting.

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All of our Doxy Plug-In massagers are supplied with Australian Plugs.

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All of our Doxy Plug-In massagers are supplied with Australian Plugs.