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Dr Christopher Fox - Sex & Covid

COVID, Sex and Intimacy

What a year 2020 is turning out to be. One minute I am flying around Australia and overseas to present workshops and attend conferences and next I am in my..

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To Fap, or Not to Fap. That is the Question – Masturbation

To fap, or not to fap, that is the question: Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer The joys of masturbation, Or make a stand against the throws of..

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Electro-Play: Erotic Electrical Play

Electro-play, electro-sex, or e-stim play (electro or e-stim for short) is the use of electrical stimulation for erotic play and sexual stimulation. This month I discuss the ins and outs..

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Sex Furniture: Take Your Position

Position!  Position! Position!  When looking to maximise pleasure, position can add to the experience. Achieving certain positions is not always easy.  Sometimes positioning can be uncomfortable – and take away..

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Coming Out Kinkster

Coming Out A Kinkster

In my practice, I often work with people coming out. When speaking of coming out people often think coming out as lesbian or gay. In fact, I deal more with..

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Lelo Anniversary Collection

When Only the Best Will Do

Lelo, one of the world’s most innovative adult product design companies has released the Limited Edition Anniversary Collection. Adrian Griffiths from Aphrodite’s Pleasure said he was pleased to be one..

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Dr Chris Fox talks about the Etiquette of Threesomes

The Etiquette of Threesomes (and Moresomes)

Last column I wrote about talking to your partner about engaging in a threesome (or foursome or even moresome). This blog we will explore some etiquette of having a threesome,..

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Let’s Talk about Threesomes and Moresomes

We were recently contacted by a customer who asked me to write about how to discuss having a threesome. I clarified whether the person meant how to have a threesome…

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