Sex Furniture: Take Your Position

Liberator - Aphrodite's Pleasure


Position!  Position! Position!  When looking to maximise pleasure, position can add to the experience. Achieving certain positions is not always easy.  Sometimes positioning can be uncomfortable – and take away from the pleasure.  Standing, kneeling or on all fours is an option.  Cushions and pillows can help sometimes.  Yet, when we want to have the most pleasure in a scene sometimes we need to rely on sex furniture.

Sometimes we can improvise with the furniture in the location.  Another solution is to use purposeful designed furniture – sex furniture.  Many people think about the need for sex furniture as a result of changes to the body when support is needed (for example as a result of ageing).   Sex furniture can also be about increasing pleasure.

Sex furniture can be clunky and cumbersome; uninspiring and certainly kept out-of-sight.   The Liberator™ range is well-designed (for-purpose) furniture.  It is made from a high-density foam  core, encased in a smooth liner and covered in a velvet-like microfibre.Wedge_Ramp_Combo_Aphrodites_Pleasure

The liner and cover are stain-resistant (to most foods and water-based lubes) with the cover machine washable.  The Liberator™ furniture range provides a great balance of firm support and soft cushioning – something we all need during sex play.  The best thing about Liberator™ furniture is that it is easy to store or can be suitable to be out on display.

Wedge and Ramp Combo

“The Wedge and Ramp Combo is one of the most popular pieces of Liberator™ at Aphrodite’s Pleasure,” according to Mr Adrian Griffiths, General Manger, “It is such a versatile piece.”  The combinations of these two pieces are endless.  Looking to maximise sensation in penetration then the Wedge and Ramp Combo is the answer.  The Wedge and Ramp Combo can be useful in the Lustful Cobra position.  Using the ramp to lean against and the wedge to support your legs with our partner on top facing your feet will ensure you are both receiving great support.  This position will also give great opportunities to provide deeper vaginal sensation and stimulate her G-Spot while giving you the chance to view the action.

The Wedge and Ramp Combo is also great for performing oral sex (cunnilingus or fellatio).  Position your partner lying down the Ramp with the Wedge supporting your partner’s head.  This provides support to your partner’s and provides a great height to be able to kneel and perform the act.


The Wedge and Ramp Combo also comes with bondage kit as the Black Label Combo version to add that extra spice to the moment.  Do what you do with some restraint.  Whether you want restraint or greater freedom the Liberator™ Ramp and Wedge Combo is one way to enhance sexual pleasure.

Creativity is key to a spicy sex life.  Sex furniture brings an element of freedom to allow you more creativity.   Liberator™ is one of the most innovative sex furniture companies in the current market place globally.  It brings great design, fantastic form and flexibility to sexual encounters.

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Remember a healthy life includes a healthy sex life. And a healthy sex life is sane, (con)sensual and safe. Liberator may liberate your body for new exciting positions.

Dr Christopher

Dr Christopher Fox is a Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist at Sex Life Therapy in Melbourne. He has clinics in Collingwood and Frankston.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this document should be read as general in nature and is only to provide an overview of the subject matter covered. Please read product packaging carefully and follow all instructions.